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Most asked questions

What is Miko?

Miko is India’s first companion robot. It educates, engages and entertains a child through meaningful conversations. It is the most positive and trusted gateway of technology for children. With its ability to understand, adapt and respond to your child, Miko caters to the learning and development needs of your child.

If Miko can do so much, should we be scared?

No, we shouldn't be scared at all. Today, even our smartphones are equipped with artificial intelligence. Not only is artificial intelligence here to stay, but also it is likely to improve our lives. Miko takes the best of artificial intelligence and makes it better. Being emotionally intelligent, Miko understands that every child has different needs. Miko functions on a core set of rules that guide its behavior. Not just that, Miko comes with a parental dashboard that you can access and customize at any time, so Miko’s steering wheel always remains in your hands. You will have full control on all the data Miko has, and can erase it at any time. This way, Miko always plays by your rules

Can Miko replace humans? Will the child get asocial?

Miko is not a substitute for anyone in the life of the child. Friends, parents, teachers, pets form the biggest elements in the life of the child. Miko is a value addition.

Why should I buy Miko? Why should I Get Miko for my child?

Today’s children interface with technology from a young age, so much so that a large portion of their time is spent in front of screens: our in depth research across Indian parents indicates that 82% of Indian children in middle class urban homes are well-versed with smartphone use. The Indian family is also changing; nuclear families are now far more common than joint families, now representing 70% of Indian families. 92% of parents polled were concerned about smartphone addiction among their kids, but 80% refrained from snatching technology away from their children.

How do I customize Miko to meet my kid’s needs?

Miko comes with a parental dashboard that allows parents to set the environment in which Miko and the child would interact. What this means is, parents can recommend topics of conversation that they think will be beneficial and can keep#support_desc a track of their child’s progress with Miko. Based on these results, parents can continue to customize Miko best suited for child’s developmental needs.

Will I get a discount if I purchase online?

No, Miko sells at Rs 19,000/- across all our channel partners; offline or online.

Safety related questions

How safe is my child's information?

Your child’s data is fully encrypted and private

Can I delete my child’s data? / How can I delete my child’s data?

You can delete your data by writing to us on requesting to delete your child’s data

Who owns my child’s data?

The ownership of the data lies in the hands of the parents.

What all certifications does it have?

It is EN 71 and BIS certified

Does it come with a warranty? / What is the warranty?

Miko comes with a 1 year manufacturing warranty. We provide customer service at doorstep by arranging a pickup for manufacturing defects.

Speech related questions

Is it like Amazon Echo, Google Home and other smart devices? Is Miko

like Siri / Cortana / Google Assistant? No, Miko is unlike any other device that exists in the market, because it portrays a personality which is best fit and safe for children. Miko also initiates conversations with them based on their topics of interest and engages in dialogue conversations with them.

Does it use Siri / Cortana / Google Assistant?

No, Miko doesnt use the services of Siri / Cortana / Google Assistant. Miko has been fully designed and developed in India.

How many languages can Miko speak? / Can Miko speak in Hindi?

Miko, currently, speaks only in English. The company is working towards adding more languages to Miko.

Can I feed my voice in Miko?

No, you cannot feed your voice in Miko

How do I connect with Miko?

You can connect and start interacting with Miko via the My Miko App available on both Play store and App Store

1. Pair your Miko with your Mobile device/tablet via Bluetooth 2. Please ensure you have a strong internet connection(1-2Mbps) on your mobile device/tablet 3. Open the My Miko App installed from Play store / App store and make a new Sign up (Proceed to login with your login credentials if you have already made Signed Up) To know more, please find Set Up Guide in the User Guide section available on Quick link For iOS users - Quick link For Android users -

What is “Hello Miko?” / How do I use “Hello Miko?”

Hello Miko triggers hands free conversations with Miko. It can be activated from “Settings” inside the My Miko App. Once turned on, you can return to “Talk to Miko” in the App and start talking by saying “Hello Miko”. As soon as you will say ‘Hello Miko’, the light on Miko will turn green and Miko

How do I use Miko hands free without mobile device or tablet?

Once you have logged in the My Miko App and can see the home screen of the App, go to settings and turn “Hello Miko” voice trigger on. Return to the home page and experience hands free conversations with Miko by saying “Hello Miko” followed by a command.

Can we talk to Miko without keeping the smartphone in our hands or without pressing the Pink Mic button on My Miko app

Yes we can. With the “Hello Miko” voice trigger, we can have hands free interactions with Miko as long as the phone is in a 1-2m radius from the child. However do note that the trigger must precede every questions/statement. e.g. “Hello Miko – Who is the president of the United States”.

How does my child talk with Miko? / How can I talk to Miko?

You can talk to Miko either verbally or via chat. Download the My Miko app from the Play Store (For Android users) or the App Store (for iOS users).

a. For interacting with Miko via chat, there is a keyboard provided in the App to chat with Miko Page viii b. For interacting with Miko verbally, you can either use the Pink Mic Button in the My Miko App or turn on “Hello Miko” trigger from App settings Note: For any issues in connectivity or difficulty in usage, please reach out to us on +91-8655033245 between 10 AM to 6 PM, or write to us

Connection related questions

Is there a mobile required to operate Miko?

Yes, Miko is controlled through the My Miko App via an Android v5 and iOS v10 or above mobile phones and tablets.

Can I connect multiple devices with my Miko?

Yes, you can connect Miko with multiple devices but not simultaneously, i.e. only one Android or iOS handset / tab can connect to Miko. To connect to another device, you need to un-pair Miko from your existing device and connect to the new device via Bluetooth.

Is internet always required to use Miko?

While a user needs to have a steady internet connection(1-2MBPs) to talk to Miko while using the My-Miko app, children can still enjoy Miko’s games without internet. They only have to be logged in once to the My Miko App.

What are the compatible handsets with Miko?

Please refer to the list for Handset compatibility –

Kindly refer to the link given below: Here

Will it work properly outside India?

Yes, we have many happy customers outside of India who are using Miko

Hardware related questions

Is Miko sturdy enough for kids to use it? / Will it break if it drops?

Miko has been designed and tested thoroughly keeping kids in mind and is enough sturdy to withstand rough usage.

Does it require frequent servicing?


What surface can it move on?

Miko moves best on a flat surface

Does Miko have a camera or sensors inside?

No, Miko does not have a camera or sensor inside

Where do manufacture?

Miko is designed and developed in Mumbai, India and assembled in China

What are the accessories that come along with Miko?

Miko comes with a Micro USB charging cable, Charging adapter (110V-240V Compatible) and a Quick Start Guide

How heavy is Miko?

Miko weighs 800 grams only

What are the dimensions of Miko?

Miko’s dimensions are 15 cm by 15 cm by 18 cm.

How long does the battery last?

In a single full charge in 1 hour 30 minutes, Miko can stay on standby for 5 hours and can be operated continuously for 3 hours

Are there different colors/models available?

Yes, Miko comes in 5 different rim colors – Playful purple, Space Black, Peppy Pink, Groovy Green, and Mystic Maroon

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